Thursday, September 03, 2009

I've Gone To The Dogs ~ The Devil Made Me Do It

I really seem to have struck a nerve with the Devil Dog box! I got a mess of emails as well as some comments posted on the blog. My thanks to those of you who took the trouble to do so. Just for you, here's a close-up look at some Devil Dogs.

Yes, I suppose that Drake was probably a New England regional brand at one time, and through merger, buy-out, or licensing agreement Hostess makes them, at least here in the South East. When I first moved to Florida there were no Devil Dogs here, but we probably did have Hostess Twinkies.

Not all the supermarkets seem to carry them and those that do are usually sold out. A couple of days ago I had some LOUD words with the store manager when I gazed at the empty place on the shelf that said Drake's Devil Dogs. It was early morning on day one of a sale where the boxes were only $2.00 each. No Devil Dogs! I asked a stock clerk about them. He said that there were none in the back. I asked for the manager and was told I could go to the office. No way. Let him come to me! He walked up to the front and I could see him talking with the manager, who then signaled me to go to were he was. By now I was no longer pissed. I was livid with rage! I was screaming at him about him being unable to keep trqack of stock on the shelves and that it's been an ongoing problem and that he should be ashamed to even call himself a manager because he wasn't managing anything at all. Finally he decided to walk over to me and I chewed him out some more, but even at maybe five feet away I didn't lower my voice. He offered me a rain check, which I took, and said they'd be in a day or two and I chould check in. Continuing my rage asnd handing him my card I told him that he could call me when they arrived. "We don't do that" he replied. "Well you're damned well going to do it this time!"

I drove to another Publix supermarket. They had plenty of Devil Dogs, as did a another nearby Publix. A friend up in Vero Beach told me that she had no trouble buying some at her local Publix. It sounds like a store manager problem to me. I'm still waiting for his call. I want to use my rain check next week when I run out of stock. Coming in a few days: A picture of a NAKED Devil Dog! No cellophane wrapper. Your computer screen will only be lacking the chocolate aroma of the real thing! I guess I'll have to clean the scanner glass afterwards but just thinking about all of you priceofsilver addicts drooling all over your mice (plural of mouse) in your sweaty palms makes it all worthwhile!

UPDATE! This morning at 9 A.M. I got a call from the manager at Publix. My Devil Dogs are waiting for me! See! The DO do that. Maybe he was afraid that I'd drive up to their headquarters on 183rd St. like Monkette had suggested.

Public notice: If you're planning a jaunt to Miami let me know and I'll make sure to bring a box of Devil Dogs along when we meet up at Starbucks for a coffee. If you're a waitress or such in Las Vegas you'll find it cooler in North Miami in the summertime and my house is within commuting distance of the Indian casinos. (Hint! Hint! You know who you are...LOL)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Al,

Shouldn't you title this entry in your blog, "Devil Dog Distemper"??

9:42 AM  

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