Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Yellow Box, A Sexy Lady, And Me

That good looking thirty-something woman is my mother back in 1957. We'd moved to Miami the previous October, and here we were staying for a few days at a motel in Marathon, in the Florida Keys. Even at that early stage of my photography career I think that I shot a pretty decent bathing beauty picture. The camera was the Ansco Memar that I'd bought with my Bar Mitzvah money about a year before.

The "Stand there, look at the camera, and smile!" shot was one my mother took of me. It was in front of the little apartment building where we lived, 1260 N.E. 136th Terrace, only about five or six blocks from where I live now. I have no idea what the "dress up" occassion was. Maybe the Jewish holidays?

Kodak film still said made by Eastman, and the big competition was Ansco which came in a red box. I'm not sure just why I used Kodak film. Better advertising perhaps? My camera was an Ansco Memar, made in Germany by Agfa

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