Thursday, December 29, 2005

Like the photo immediately below, this is another outreach program of the Pentacostal Church Of God out of Cleveland, TN. The Rev. Tom Morse, who founded Surfside Challenge here in Miami, bought a large camper and outfitted it with pulpit and pews to bring religion to the community. Here he's the center white man between 2 ministers down from Cleveland, TN to see what he was doing. The three of them are trying to persuade the black man into staying for services. You can see the Church on Wheels behind them. The photo was shot in Overtown with a Leica M4 and probably my 35/1.8 Canon lens. It was becoming fashionable amongst young blacks to wear a comb stuck in their hair but big bushy afros and afro picks were still a few years in the future. I was always getting asignments`to shoot in the black community in those days. There were very few black photographers around and a lot of whites wouldn't take those asignments. For a couple of years I was on staff for a black newspaper, the Florida Courier, their token honkey. The only time I ever had anything aproaching a problem was an asignment to cover a Black Panther meeting (A radical Black Power group) also in Overtown. They didn't want to let me attend. I showed them my press credentials, listing the black paper, and they reluctantly let me in. On the way out everybody high-fived me and we parted friends.


Anonymous Gabriel M.A. said...

This is a powerful photograph; just to think that the bullying has only changed slightly in style after all these years... Thanks for sharing it.

1:25 PM  

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