Thursday, December 14, 2006

Groceries For The Cat House

About a month ago Mary moved into a "new" trailer. It's smaller than her "old" trailer but it's closer to the convenience store and the bus stop. She still has the same landlord but she's payng a bit less rent. There's also a small concrete block storage building on the lot, to the left in the lower photo.

I guess he figures that he can clean up her old trailer, maybe slap some paint on the walls and install some cheap carpeting and perhaps get even more money than Mary had been paying. On the other hand, living in a trailer with a small dog and perhaps a dozen cats, and being too old to really keep things clean, frankly the place stunk! You'd have to have one hell of a head cold to not notice.

Here we'd just gone to the grocery store and Mary was carrying the bags inside as I took them from the truck to the trailer. There was a time when I would have then gone inside and she'd make a pot of coffee. These days I'd rather buy her a cup at the nearby Starbucks before we go shopping. Starbucks doesn't smell like a litter box. I guess she can't smell it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al man you are spooky.

you gotta read this book cos its just like your lady in the van

8:17 PM  

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