Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just Reading The Morning Paper

Starbucks again, the Miami Herald on my lap. I always try to read the local news section first, then I attack national and world, in that order, as time allows. In the morning and early afternoon there are usually a few older guys (mostly) hanging out but there's little in the way of conversation. A bit perhaps, about the latest doctor's visit, maybe how business is doing, or family coming or going, but nothing like the heated discussions amongst the students from the four nearby university campuses. Those I find exciting!

The morning crowd is not only older but for the most part white and male and English speaking. Sure, there are some Russian and German accents tossed in with the Spanish, but my generation of white "Americans" pretty much stays to itself.

When I first started dating Vivette 16 years ago heads would turn when we entered a restaurant. Yeah, she was tall and good looking, but to see a white guy appproaching fifty years of age walking arm in arm with a black Jamaican woman was not a common sight. Now I see mixed race couples all the time amongst the college students, as well as groups of girls, who are obviously best friends, planning the weekend's shopping excursion to the mall. The guys tend to group up according to their interest in sports, or what their major is.

And here in the residential neighborhoods nearby? I see some mixed race couples with kids as well as some very white looking women pushing baby carriages or walking with their kids. Twenty years ago the whites with kids had fled as black Carribean islanders had bought houses in the neighborhood. The schools had pretty much turned black. Now the process has reversed. But my age group? I have no idea where the black guys my age hang out, but when I come back for my afternoon coffee in a few hours I'll most likely be sitting with a table full of black, white, Hispanic, male, female...It's a process not yet complete but the world is changing! I love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While your thinking about the new piece for your pic, perhaps take a break and do some Bessa pimping here:

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No M8 for me

Now that the digital M has been unveiled, with its skimpy CCD, tinfoil shutter and chubby physique, the girlie Leica diehards have shrugged off film and ceased singing the chammy shutter song. But wait! The boards and discussion groups have been abuzz with it's design flaws and lack of German engineering. Other than myself, who could have known this over-priced block of metal was going to cause such a stir? Leicaphiles demand quality and they demand results; and today they demand fixes or their money back! Nope. They won't get their money back and it serves them right for being stupid. Bessa is best; film still rock and rolls.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update! "How the winner will be selected...Originally, we had people casting names for who they think deserves the camera. Then we were going to vote on those names and pick a winner. However, it really would not be fair for us to decide who is more deserving than another...we have all thought of who we think is deserving of this camera....I am changing the selection process for the winner and making it as simple as possible...I will close the NAMES thread...making the list of names to draw. Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays to all." See? How far is this contest with Jorge Torralba is being "the decider." I thought only George Bush was "the decider."

See "fixed" contest here:

To file a complaint, see:

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man! Franky you got poo on the brain.


Do what Al does so well. Relax and enjoy life and create something good for everyone.

Al my friend your weblog is life affirming and a pleasure to read. You are an inspiration.

Franky your site is negative and bitter. You gotta sort it out and let some sunshine in.

8:00 PM  

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