Monday, January 08, 2007

Joining The Homeless / A Blog Hiatus

Yup, I'll be homeless within twenty-four hours! It'll be a forty-eight hour adventure that gets repeated every eight or ten years as the exterminator "tents" my house, filling it with poisonous gas to get rid of the termites and whatever else might be living here unwanted.

I guess that beats living out on the street full time. At least I know that come Thursday I'll be back home again. In the meantime Claudia, my ex, offered for me to spend the two nights at her place, so at least I won't be paying High Season winter rates at a motel. I'll probably take her out to dinner though.

Claudia has no computer or internet access at her house so I'll be pretty much off line for a couple of days, hence the blog hiatus. Hopefully I'll be back here Thursday, or Friday at the latest. I will be checking my Email a time or two each day via other peoples' computers until then.

When I shot this photo with my favorite lens, the 15mm Heliar, a few weeks ago, I wasn't thinking of using it for this so much as just depicting the parking lot almost full of cars. I'm not even sure which parking lot it is, although I suspect it was at the K-Mart on Biscayne Blvd. I really enjoy the "acting" part, the making faces and striking poses. In this case I've acquired a certain bum-like quality that seems to fit in nicely with the homeless theme. The cigarette dangling from my lip is becoming a trade-mark of this project, although I can only use it outside these days if I'm not at home.

If you don't see any new postings here for a couple of days have no fear, I WILL RETURN!


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