Thursday, December 28, 2006

Where Have All The People Gone?

The Miami area has filled up with both tourists and seasonal winter residents, but you'd never know it at my local Starbucks, no matter how insane the traffic is on U.S. 1 where it goes right by the front of the place. There are usually lots of people here, students mostly, from the four nearby university campuses, sitting around and chatting or studying from early morning until late at night, but not these days.

A few days before Christmas a lot of them went home for the holidays, while others traveled to other places on vacation. I guess by the end of next week things will be back to normal again. Monkette enjoyed her outing, though, and the staff supplied her with a tiny Starbucks cup as a prop to use in the photos. I'll have to take her back there in another week or two, when the place is crowded once more. In the meantime I'm actually able to read most of the newspaper while drinking my morning coffee.


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