Saturday, December 23, 2006

Party Time

I just love this time of year, except that I can't find a parking place at most of the places I go to on a regular basis. What's great, though, are the places that I don't go to all that often, like the good folks in my fishing club, the South Florida Fishing Club, or the Central North Miami Homeowners Association hosting backyard barbeques, and members who rarely show up at the monthly meetings seemingly come out of the woodwork for the food, festivities, and drink.

Factor in the office parties and the regular monthly breakfasts and luncheons that are gussied up for The Holidays, and it's a wonder that no matter what I do I can't seem to gain any weight. Well, this was at a party in a nearby backyard a few weeks ago, and I placed myself where I'd be illuminated by a red flood light in the garden. Sometimes this "works", sometimes not, and I wish my face filled a bit more of the frame. I guess that if I was a Photo-Shoppin' digi-freak I could "fix" that, but this was good old fashioned amateur color film, Fuji 200, straight out of the Bessa L which was sporting my favorite lens, the 15mm Heliar.

Tonight at 6 PM I'm heading over to another holiday party hosted by afishing club member. Right now it's a heavy drizzle as that front moves through, but inside or out I plan on shooting some film. I'm thinking that it might be time to start using some B&W again. I have nearly 30 rolls of Ilford HP5 in the fridge and I miss playing in the darkroom.

There's a young woman photograher, Danielle Stolman, who shoots for a small newspaper and is also getting her wedding photography business up and running. She recently started her own blog which you might want to take a peek at, and perhaps even post some kind words of encouragement for her:


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