Monday, December 18, 2006

In The Groove?

Strange, I seem to have started something with this style of photography. Other people are giving it a try, some with a 15mm lens like I use, others with a slightly less wide angle like a 21mm that they might already have, or even the 47mm Super Angulon on the larger 6x9cm format. Todd Frederick writes:

"Al, on the wide angle thread I posted on filmlives, they want you to join in. Want me to post one of you photos on the WA thread?

Take a look and read Pico's comment. "

Before I got that Email from Todd, as I was looking at this photograph on the computer screen, and I'm not kidding by saying this, It got me to wondering just how so many of these arm's length "self-portraits" end up with the design elements and composition that they do, including such seemingly random happenings as the girl's head exactly lined up with the groove in the masonary, the timing just perfect to catch her just as she emerges from behind the stone base. There was no way I could have even known that she was there!

After a few years of shooting these 15mm self-portraits I've developed a sixth sense, I suppose, for posing myself as well as composing so I know where I'll be in the frame. I guess I take the occasional gander behind me so my subconcious at least knows what's there, but I'm still amazed at the relationships I capture between myself and the background, my surroundings, the lighting. On a 24 exposure roll I'll shoot maybe an average of six situations, and usually come up with one useable shot from each.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have a sixth sense then Hollywood must make a movie about this with you being the star. What do you think?

6:40 PM  

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