Friday, December 22, 2006

Waiting For Gabriella

A few months back Monkey, my childhood toy, climbed into a Priority Mail box for the flight to San Francisco where he was a guest of Todd Frederick for a few weeks, seeing the sights. He came back wearing an earring and brought his new girlfriend, Monkette, back with him as well.

Well, Monkey is a bit old and he's quite content to just sit around the house all day in his chair, but Monkette thinks that going to Starbucks with me is pretty cool. What I find strange is that Monkey attracts females of all ages, but for the most part they just ignore Monkette. I wasn't yet a toddler when I first got Monkey and in two days my new three month old granddaughter Gabriella is coming to visit. I'm interested in seeing her reaction to my toy monkeys. Stay tuned!


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