Thursday, December 21, 2006

Facing East

Dawn has been helping me rearrange my house to look like civilized people actually live here. She bought me a genuine computer desk to use instead of the decrepit table I'd used for the past five years or so. This has me facing the east wall of the room instead of looking out the west window at that damned overheight fence. Remember that fiasco about a year ago? Me getting the shit beat out of me by the neighbor's contractor? Check the blog archives.

Well, finally Clarence Patterson, the city manager came over a couple months ago and he agreed that the fence was a few inches over height, and that the post holes had never been inspected for depth or being set in concrete. He finally got me to agree to let it stay if they dug alongside a few posts to check for depth, and probed with a metal rod to check them all for concrete footings. The city council also moved Code Enforcement out of Public Works, where it never should have been to begin with. The city now has it as a seperate independant department with its own director with some real college education in the subject, somebody who didn't come up through the ranks from auto mechanic at the motor pool. Now I'm hearing from all over the city that code enforcement is much improved. I'm still waiting for an apology from the neighbor, or perhaps even from the director of Public Works. He was, after all, the one ultimately responsible for my black eye.

Now when I sit here at the computer I get to look at various framed photographs and other art work on the wall. What I really need in here is a good sound system, and maybe even hook up my turntable. I still have hundreds of 12" vinyl albums from the 60's and 70's that I'd love to listen to again. Analog sound is the best! Even Bob Dylan says so.


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