Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Bird On Monkette's Head Is Worth Two In The Hand

Dawn decided that repainting the kitchen was as good a place as any to get started on making the house look civilized again after way too many years of looking like single-guy-lives-here-alone. Her friend Paula vounteered to help, along with Claudia, my ex. I've got a rickety old wooden ladder but Paula has a reasonably new aluminum one, one that doesn't wobble when you stand on it or do a dance as you climb the steps. That required a 25 mile drive to Paula's house, in south Miami-Dade County because the ladder fit in my truck no problem, but not in Paula's car trunk.

The girls had a great ol' time painting and chatting and cooking some dinner, but we weren't really through with the ladder yet. We took Paula home in Dawn's car while the ladder stayed. A few days later I returned the ladder and Monkette went along for the ride. When we got to Paula's house her pet bird freaked out with joy upon seeing the cute little toy monkey. After a short flight all around us she decided it was safe to perch on Monkette's head, and seemed to really enjoy the soft pleasant feel of the fur on her feet. When it was time to drive home it was difficult convincing her to let Monkette leave with me.


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