Wednesday, May 07, 2008

...And Computers Were Supposed To Simplify Life?

I was actually sitting at the table next to the one where this guy had his two laptops set up. I have no idea what he was doing, but it reminded me of a musician playing two different keyboards at the same time, sometimes both hands on one, sometimes each playing its own keyboard.

The think that I like best about computers is the internet, looking up stuff, and emails. Today was an exciting day! It started out with an email from a Kay, woman I last briefly saw about twenty-five years ago, but in my mind she'll always be the cute little toddler that lived on the other end of the block back when we were both in nursery school, maybe even a bit before that, and kindergarten too. Funny, because a couple of days ago I started thinking about her, the first time in a long time. Well, she tracked me down! She'd flying from her home in Arizona to Peru, with a stopover in Miami next Tuesday. I guess that we'll meet up at Miami International Airport and try to catch up over coffee during the brief few hours she'll be in town. It should be interesting! I'm looking forward to it, and then I might dig out some old pix from the 60's to juxtapose with new ones. I still have Monkey from our childhood. I wonder if she still has any of her dolls.

Another exciting happening today was getting a photograph of his collection of photographs from Karl Georg Wolf in Germany. He was in Miami a couple of years ago and we met for coffee. That's Karl on the left. He bought a few of my black and white prints that day. Well this morning's mail brought a photo that Karl shot in his house, showing a lot of framed photos on the walls. He has a nice grouping of six of my photographs, next to a number of photographs by photographers of international fame. He has an Henri Cartier Bresson print of the artist Matisse holding his pet dove right next to my photograph of a boy looking into the cage of his pet dove. Thanks, Karl!

(I'm planning on putting Karl's photo of his photography collection here soon.)

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