Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Pictures Are Up, The Doors Are Open!

It was opening night of the group photography exhibit at the Mario Flores Gallery. That's Mario over on the right standing next to some of his color prints, arm raised as he paid hommage to a guy who is without a doubt the greatest photographer in South Florida. At least that's how I look at myself.
Mario's wife Stephanie, center, was supposed to be taking photos of the opening festivities with that Nikon DSLR in her hands, but with Mario and myself bantering back and forth with one another ~ we were on a roll! ~ she couldn't keep from cracking up. Fortunately, with modern marvels such as "image stabilization", the camera was able to keep sharp almost as many photos as were out of focus because the "auto focus" picked the wrong thing upon which to focus (yup, that IS the correct grammar). Anyway, I stopped by the gallery, saw her photos, and my main gripe was that she hadn't shot enough of/with me.
I made the mistake of mentioning to Mario that I had posed for a painting by Wilma Siegal, a Fort Lauderdale artist, a couple years back. I should run a picture of the painting here in the blog! Anyway, now Mario wants me to pose for some pictures. He says that I have an "interesting face". Next Wednesday is the Big Day.



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