Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dang! I'm Feeling Light Headed! Who Stole My Hair?

Rabbi Lang was there for the swearing in of the new mayor, city clerk, and the one out of two coucilmen who could prove that he was actually a city resident. Several clergy of various faiths said prayers, but as I looked at the rabbi I thought "Al, if you ever do decide to put on a yarmulke you'll need two dozen hair clips to keep it in place and a couple of ounces of lead sinkers to hold it down!" Time for a hair cut! The last one was the end of October, just before I got the photo for my new eight year drivers license.

Vivette gave me a great haircut. There sure was a lot of hair on that floor! On the way home I noticed that a couple of the council candidates in the recent election had yet to clear the city of their campaign signs. I think the law says that they have something like two weeks to do it before code enforcement is supposed to cite them. I'll have to check that out tomorrow...LOL

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