Thursday, November 12, 2009

Entrance To The Temple At N.E. 135th St.

It's near closing time, probably about 10 PM. The umbrellas are folded down and there's nobody left to chat with. Unless I'm expecting somebody to show up this is when I'm likely to get a last refill for the day and head home.

I wish it was a bit closer to my house than 4 or 5 blocks. Still, though, it's easy enough to find the place. It's right at the corner of U.S. Route 1, alias Biscayne Blvd. and N.E. 135th St. Head a couple of kilometers west on 135th St. and you're at Interstate 95.

I like sitting outside on the patio. The law doesn't let you smoke inside and most nights in Miami the weather is great. We get a few nights when it's too damn cold or windy, and occasionally the rain will be blown under the roofed over area, but for the most part it's nice enough. The sound system isn't overbearing, and it leans towards classic rock.

When I just want to meditate, lost in my own thoughts, I do. If I feel like socializing I always manage to run into somebody or another that I know, or I can strike up a conversation with someone new. And then there's the eye candy! With four university campuses within a few kilometers of here there are usually at least a few young ladies to spice up the view.

It's a great place to refresh the soul and renew the spirit. Isn't that what temples are for?

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