Sunday, December 06, 2009

GEVABROM Passport Paper

In 1966 when Stephanie and I first moved down here from Massachusettes I got a job working at a studio directly across Flagler Street from the Federal Building. There were several studios nearby offering "passport photos in 5 Minutes" but it was closer to half an hour. We shot sheet film and printed it on this lightweight semi-matt paper. The government specs required 2.5 inch square prints showing a bit of the left ear. We went through a lot of boxes of this paper!

The boxes were handy to store fishing rod guides, hooks, spools of fly tying thread, any number of things. I still have quite a few of the boxes.

Gavaert, a Belgian company, eventualy merged with the German company Agfa to become Agfa-Gevaert. Now even that's gone, and you get your passport, complete with a digital photograph, at your local Post Office.

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