Friday, September 22, 2006

The Color of Fifteen Millimeters

Thanks to James Mitchell I now have two Bessa L bodies so I've been playing around with keeping color in one camera, black & white in the other. The "new" body is chrome while my old one is black, so I'm putting the color in the chrome body. I was amazed to find that the exposure meters matched perfectly, especially since I've had the black body for about three years now and never once changed the batteries. Of course I usually just make a few readings when I first get to a location rather than meter for every shot. Most of the time the meter is turned off and drawing no current.

When James was down here in January we took Monkey with us to Starbucks. We first met Val and one of her friends there. James e-mailed her when he planned this trip, and we met up with her at Starbucks once again. Lucky Monkey is sitting, out of sight, on her lap. Since they both wanted prints of the occasion I shot roll of made-in-China Kodak Gold 200 with the 15mm Skopar. Wallgreens made a double set of 4x6 prints and a disc. Scanman Todd didn't have a thing to scan. He just posted from the disc.


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