Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes the Left Hand Don't CARE What The Right Hand Is Doing!

...but for over a year now that right hand (or sometimes my left hand) of mine has been holding that Bessa L equipped with a 15mm lens, keeping track of my goings on, going about everyplace that I've gone, and recording my life. It remembers things I would have long ago forgotten. It sees the world from a viewpoint I'd otherwise never experience. I've gotten fairly adept at holding it level and getting some pretty decent compositions based on little more than a quick glance over my shoulder. I'm enjoying the hell out of the project. Even though from time to time this blog veers off on some new tangent or another I'm still carrying that camera with me every day, and shooting more photos. This one, not a recent shot, is in front of my local Starbucks. I like the way the woman in the background mirrors my pose, and the isolation portrayed both by the window between her and the man next to her and the walkway between her and myself. The wide angle perspective exagerates distance. Actually I'm only about six or seven feet from her at the most, but it seems like we're in seperate worlds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are using a Bessa L coupled with a Voigtlander wide, isn't it high time you start posting on this site?

This site:

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