Monday, September 18, 2006

Runnin' on Empty

I belong to the South Florida Fishing Club, and we have an annual barbeque. A fairly large percentage of the membership is Jewish and somebody came up withe the brilliant idea of calling the last one a Kosher Pig Roast. Considering that the club meets at Tony Roma's, a restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach specializing in spare ribs, that didn't seem all that far fetched. There was plenty of chicken, burgers, and hot dogs as well, along with potato salad and the other trimmings.

We held the barbeque in one of the members back yards, some arriving by car while others rafted their boats up at the dock. Watching these two toddlers running about brought back fond memories of my kids when they were little, and even dredged up vague flashes of the energy level I'd experienced at that age. Sugar makes kids hyper, but so does the combination of excitement and unsatiated hunger, smelling all those good smells, anticipating the hot dogs sizzling over the coals. The little boy was full of energy, and it was like he just couldn't stop moving. After the kids had full bellies, though, they got sleepy. What a relief that was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! That gal has nice legs! You old devil going after the youngins. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do. :-)

5:37 AM  

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