Monday, September 25, 2006

Gotta Love This Place!

When James Mitchell was in town last week we got together on a day when he wasn't tied up with meetings. One of the first things he asked was "How is Mary?", and I promised him that we'd go by her place for a visit. He met her a couple of trips ago and he seems fascinated by her. No doubt he shot far more photographs here than I did. Mary will turn 84 this week. Because of failing eyesight she gave up driving a few months ago. She lives in a tiny trailer full of cats and a little dog.

She never had any children, and she doesn't get along with her brothers in Pennsylvania. All she has, really, are the cats and the dog. She "gets along" with her neighbors, but they're hardly friends. The sort of people that usually live in run down rental trailers have little in common with a college educated woman who spent years in the art and antique business. I mean real antiques, high quality porcelain, 18th and 19th century paintings, period fine jewelry, that sort of thing. She still has shelf upon shelf packed with rows and rows of reference books.

I first met her twenty some years ago when she still had an antique shop. Now I take her shopping and to the bank once a week, and make sure that she gets to her doctors appointments. In this photo we're sitting out in her screened porch. The screening doesn't do much to keep the mosquitos out because the cats have clawed numerous holes through it, but Mary is happy. She was very happy to see James again! She made us coffee and we chatted with her for about an hour.


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