Monday, November 13, 2006

...And All That Jazz!

I don't want to repeat myself so if you scroll down four posts to November 8 there's a post titled "Gimme Shelter" which describes this plaza in front of the City of North Miami's art museum, and the Friday night outdoor jazz concerts. When the city used to hold concerts at nearby Griffing Park people would just sit on the grass or bring blankets. I don't know if the brick pavers are really all that uncomfortable to sit on, or perhaps we've all just gotten older and have enough aches and pains as it is. The city sets out chairs, but if you really want to sit in a chair it's best to just bring your own. Things do get crowded at times.

Possibly it was the fact that people used to bring coolers with refreshments, and the illegality of drinking beer and wine in a public park was so much easier to overlook when the concert wasn't smack dab in front of the police station. A few drinks probably makes the ground feel softer. So would a few tokes, but you don't smell that in front of the police station for sure!

Anyway, the people are friendly, the music enjoyable, and the price of a free concert is always right. Straight across 125th Street is the Lunastar Cafe, a coffee house type place that also features live music, usually has an art exhibit, serves great food, and has a good selection of beers and wines. On this (the south) side of the street, about directly behind where my head is in the photograph, is a brand new Starbucks with outdoor seating so you can get a coffee and see the concert. There are a bunch of art galleries along N.E. 125th Street, extending a block or two in each direction, and they're often open late on concert nights. Check 'em out!


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