Monday, November 06, 2006

You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy

I drive around town listening to the local classic rock station on the radio. Sometimes a phrase "sticks" in my mind and it seems to fit a photograph to perfection. I then use it to title one of my blog posts. Here I have a look that lends itself nicely to the phrase.

Actually, my ex-wife Claudia has been telling me that people will think I'm some kind of a kook for carrying around my early childhood favorite toy, Monkey, and using him as a prop in many of my photographs. She also keeps telling me to get a haircut, but a couple of months ago I ran across some photographs of myself from the early 1970's with this hair style (and a lot less grey...LOL) and thought it might be fun to use the style in my self-portrait project.

On the other hand my bride to be, Dawn, likes my hair this way. She's known me about ten years longer than Claudia, and she remembers me when I wore it in a tangeled mess of curls the first go round. Dawn also loves the fact that at age 64 I have this full bushy head of thick curly hair when most guys my age are well on the road to baldness. "If you have it flaunt it!" she tells me. I may still be good friends with Claudia, and she and Dawn are good friends with one another, but I know which one should be told "Yes Dear, I agree that I should wear my hair this way". Actually it's a great style. I shampoo it, use a bit of cream rinse, and just shake my head much as a wet dog shakes after going for a swim. No styling, no blow drying, no combing, no brushing. It soon gets air dry and looks like this, no effort! And both Claudia and Dawn agree that I epitomize laziness.

Laziness is a given, but craziness is in the eye of the beholder.


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