Sunday, October 22, 2006

Monkeying Around Again

Here's another shot of James and Valerie with Monkey at Starbucks. For some strange reason lately I've been running into Vanessa at Starbucks a lot. She's always asking where Monkey is. I'm sure that he'd like to get out more, but at nearly 63 years of age he's a bit frail. I should plan out a day to take him a whole bunch of places for photos. I keep wondering what people would say if I was sitting up there at a North Miami Board of Adjustment meeting with Monkey sitting next to my microphone and name plate.

My original plan was to take him to events like that, city council meetings and such, but my ex, Claudia, said that as "a respected member of the community" I shouldn't be carrying a toy monkey with me everyplace I go. Yet when I do take him he's always a big hit with the ladies.

He got into a bunch of photos that I shot today. My soon-to-be wife, Dawn, was doing a major cleaning of the house today and invited her friend Paula over to help with that and painting as well. Then Patty Ho Chan Motro, an old friend of ours stopped by, as did the ex, Claudia. That led to a call by Patty to my first ex, Stephanie up in South Carolina. All these women, all getting along, joking, having fun working together, and Dawn decided that a picture was in order so of course Monkey horned in on the act. Now I'm wondering if perhaps we should have called Valerie.


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