Friday, October 13, 2006

Matching Hair Styles? Al and Sophia

There are a few Starbucks regulars that never drink coffee. Little Sophia always get a small cup of water though. If she's already there when I arrive she gets all excited and can't wait for me to get my coffee and sit down. If I'm there first she jumps out of the big purse in which she travels and bounds over to me, yipping with joy. Then she stands up on her hind legs and prances around on just the two feet for minutes on end.

Her companion is a slender blonde lady with an odd accent, almost but not quite Germanic. She says that she's from northern Italy near the Swiss border. She's about always dressed the same, wearing one of her ankle length wrap around skirts and matching tube top. A few days after I shot this the dog got a haircut but I'm still growing mine.

Dawn is talking about giving it a selective trim next week when she's back in Miami again. I really like the look of that messy collection of ringlets on my head but she says it needs "shaping". "Yes Dear, whatever you say Dear!" She already has me wearing that ring on my ring finger. I may as well get used to saying all the right things.

Once more I was shooting with the 15mm Heliar lens on my Bessa L on Kodacolor Gold 200 film.


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