Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Look of Love in Our Eyes

When Dawn arrived at my house last week after the drive from Tampa she was hungry and I'd yet to eat anything at all that day myself. She did "The Woman Thing" and checked out my fridge. Butter, milk on the verge of curdling, half a dozen eggs from chickens that had likely seen the stew pot sometime last year, several partial loaves of bread too hard to crumble up for the birds, McDonalds bags with petrified french fries. Typical Guy Stuff. I said "How about we run over to Denney's?"

We were soon seated and quickly served coffee but since we were starving it took about forever get our orders taken, and then I think the cook took a half hour break before fixing our food. I'm NEVER going back to that place again. It reminded me of the service in the Miramar IHOP a week or so earlier. Maybe they fired their cook and the North Miami Denneys hired him?

At least the food was good, standard Denneys fare, but I've always liked their food. We sat and chatted and drank coffee until we couldn't wait to light up some cigarettes, then headed back to my house. Baby, my cat, greeted Dawn before she paid me any attention. Dawn had passed The Test.


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