Friday, September 29, 2006

Love At First Fight

Fifteen years ago found me newly single again and I decided to try an ad in the Miami Herald's personals section of the classified. That was before computers and the internet rendered them obsolete. "TALL PHOTOGRAPHER 48 Rather fish than Work seeks Devoted Lady any Race. Smoke, Kid o.k."

Vivette responded and I met her at her hair salon that very day. It seems that her salon was across the street from Congressman Bill Lehman's office, and I had to deliver some photographs anyway. When Vivette and I had talked on the phone, and I mentioned needing to make the delivery, she said that one of the women who worked for the congressman was her client. By the time I was at the congressional office with the photos Patrice told me that Vivette had already called to "check me out", and that she'd given her a favorable report...LOL

Things clicked, we went out to dinner, and on Sunday we went fishing in my Boston Whaler. It was one of those beautiful days when the weather was great and the fishing fantastic. We caught a mess of mangrove snapper, assorted grunts, blue runner, small jack crevalle, and a few spanish mackerel. Then Vivette's rod bent over and line started screaming off her reel. The fish put up a really strong fight! I had to start the engine to follow it so it wouldn't wrap the line around a piling and break off, but after about twenty minutes I was able to gaff the fish, a jack crevalle of about 8 1/2 pounds, and get it aboard. Vivette was thrilled, as you can see from her smile. I was soon in love, and our relationship lasted about ten years.


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