Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sword

Somehow it seems that we always take more photographs of our first child. My first was a girl, and Elena loved to "model", she enjoyed showing off her latest outfits, and she was quite good at posing. Jonathan found that sort of thing boring anyway, so he seldom bugged me about taking pictures of him. Every once in awhile, though, he decided he really wanted a picture.

It seems that every little boy is fascinated by weapons. I sure was, my friends were, and my son Jonathan was no different. After I split up with his mom I started dating a woman whose father had a sword on the living room wall, a REAL sword. Jonathan wanted a photograph of himself holding the sword to show the other kids at his nursery school. He quickly discovered that try as he might, and he really did try, he couldn't hold the sword in "fighting position", even with both hands. It was just too heavy for him. I snapped this shot just for him. I love that little "look at me" smirk on his face! And yes, the other kids at his school (the boys, anyway) were impressed!

Here we are about 26 years later. Jonathan called me yesterday morning to tell me that his wife Deb had just given birth to a healthy little girl seven pounds six ounces. Now I'm a grandfather and my little boy is bigger than I am.


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