Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Stance

I thought that this snap of me was kind of interesting because of my stance. I'm over six feet tall and I often tend to crouch down a bit when shooting "grip 'n grins" of campaigning political types so I'm not shooting down on them. It makes for better looking pictures. I'm shooting with a Leica M2 and a 35mm Summicron lens topped with a little Vivitar 2500 flash set on automatic. With 400 speed film that requires f/4 on low power, and the exposure in the North Miami's community centers would normally be about 1/30 @ f/4 so it balances nicely. People being photographed while shaking hands with the mayor, congressman, or governor aren't looking for "creative" lighting. They just want a nice clear sharp picture so they can hang the 8x10 in their office.

I don't remember who shot this, probably somebody from Parks & Rec, possibly Pam Solomon who handles the PR for the city, but whoever, they emailed it to me. Considering the angle they must have been seated.

Since posting this picture a few hours ago I've been asked "why the paper punch in that belt pouch?" It's not a paper punch, they're my Sergeant pliers that I carry with me when I put on my Capt. Al hat and go fishing, or go over to Claudia's Antique Restoration to rewire some lamps for her. They're pretty handy pliers to have, and I've worn out a few since I got my first pair as a teenager. Here's a link to their site:

SARGENT TOOLS from Rostra Tool


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