Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Dawn of a New Era ~ Jack Sprat and his Wife are Changing!

Here we are, Dawn and I, at the supermarket last week, one of several trips we made as she cooked up a storm and filled my freezer with Tupperwares full of precooked one meal portions of her great Greek cooking. She wants me to stop living off of fast food, cookies, and ice cream until her return to Miami this Friday. The soon to be Mrs. Kaplan is hoping for at least a twenty year marriage with a healthy husband. We visited the meat department, bought a bunch of fresh veggies both for cooking and for salads, and picked up some fresh baked bread at the bakery. I actually have sacks of raw potatoes and onions in the kitchen rather than leftover onion rings and french fries in the fridge.

She seems intrigued by the fact that I can go all day on a couple of cups of coffee, sometimes even black with no sugar, and don't feel hungry enough to even think about dinner. She's the type that doesn't just eat until she's full, but rather until it's all gone. She told me on the phone yesterday that she's now serving herself by the portion and just eating two meals a day. In a week she's shed twenty pounds! Of course the first pounds come off the quickest, but she's planning (hoping?) on getting back to where she was when I first met her thirty some years ago. And she's made me promise to eat two real meals a day, good balanced meals, with protein, carbs, and fats, and to take my vitamins also. I'm trying to be a good boy! I'm even eating some fresh fruit every day.

On the other hand I'll be 64 in less than six weeks while having only a few scattered grey hairs in a full bushy head of curly hair, a bit more grey in my beard, a flat belly and a firm throat. I must be doing something right.


Blogger Donnie said...

Congratulations to you both, Al!

Guess you being a married man, you'll have to stop hanging out at Starbucks.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Congrats Al on the upcomming wedding. Out of curiosity, who is shooting the event? Marc? I am just wondering... On the food topic,Me and my girlfriend (who is jewish)are vegiterian. We don't eat meat, even though we feed our dogs, chicken, red meat,and anything else they want virtually. As for Greek food,its really wonderful. I spent the better part of my youth living in that country with my mom when my parents divorced during the late sixties early seventies. The food does top my memory from that period so it sounds like your in good hands.
Please don't give up the Starbucks and the black & white images,at least this way one day I can drop by and say hello if I am in Miami!

Rob Skinner

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lovell said...

Al, just make sure the new missus allows you to budget for the Tri-X, chemicals and such. Does Monkey accept her? Have you even brought it up to him? Blending families is nearly impossible. Where you planning to honeymoon?


4:20 PM  

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