Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Church

Photo (c) 1981 Leon Finklestein

People keep asking to see pictures of my son Jonathan. I've posted lots of photos of my daughter Elena, but far fewer of Jonathan. As I search through the boxes and envelopes there aren't all that many casual shots. Unlike Elena he had a stock smile, and he always wanted to stand stiffly facing the camera. Here he looks a bit more relaxed than usual as the two of them walked up the aisle at the Homestead Air Force Base chapel in 1981. The occasion was my wedding to Amelia Ward. The marriage didn't last very long. My friend Father Philemon Payiatis performed an Episcopalian ceremony.

I guess I should have taken his advice way back then. It seemed that as soon as he heard that Stephanie, the mother of my kids, and I were divorced he started in on the "You should marry Dawn!" Dawn was a member of his congregation. Of course had I done that I never would have met (and married) Claudia, nor would I have had a great ten years with Vivette. As each relationship in turn ended Father Phil was there to remind me that maybe I should marry Dawn. But in the end Father Phil was right, it seems.

This weekend when Dawn is in town we're planning on visiting Father Phil in the nursing home to tell him that Dawn and I are finally getting married. Dr. Dawn Carageorge will become Mrs. Kaplan.


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