Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Polly Wants A Cookie

My daughter Elena used to love going with me on photo shoots, whether it was some boring shots of golf clubs for Industry Publishers or President Jimmy Carter speaking at the community center. From Congressman Lehman's office to Barry University she tagged along, got friendly with the editors and publishers, the big wigs themselves, and charm everyone in the office. When her Girl Scout troop was selling cookies, and the other girls were knocking on doors up and down the block, Elena was nobody's fool. She'd sell 20 boxes at this office, 37 at that one, and instead of endlessly trudging to deliver one box to this house, maybe two to that, she got driven around by Daddy to drop off cartons full of cookie boxes at various offices around town. She outsold the other girls by about five to one. That accounts for the shirt, which she proudly wore everyplace!

My then wife Stephanie was one of the troop leaders, and she took the girls to Parrot Jungle on an outing. The parrots are pretty tame, and it's easy to get them to pose like this. This print came out of one of the albums I have. Stephanie used to like to buy her film from Dale Labs. It was reloaded Eastman 5254 motion picture film and very cheap. They'd make you both slides and prints from the negatives for a very reasonable price. She had a Leica IIIf and a Vivitar SLR at the time, with a few lenses for both.

Photo (c)1983 Stephanie C. Brundage, M.D.


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