Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It Happens To The Best of Us

Every once in awhile you shoot a picture, usually with flash, and somebody's got their eyes closed. I try to avoid getting a closed eye photo by shooting two or three exposures of the subjects. In this case I'd handed the camera to somebody else to get a photo of myself with Pam Solomon, the City of North Miami's public relations director. Whoops! Just one exposure, and there I am with this gorgeous young lady and the flash caught me with my eyes closed!

No, we weren't on a date. It was the city's annual board appreciation dinner disguising itself as a luau. Every year the city has a dinner for the people who serve on the various city advisory boards and I'm on a couple of them, the Board of Adjustment and the Disaster Preparedness Board. I didn't have a date, and I guess Pam didn't either. It was a rather casual affair but I opted to wear a suit anyway, along with a sort of "casual" tie with a bunch of little brightly colored fish printed on the silk.

Pam had her digital point-and-shoot to get the few pix she needed for the city newsletter and I brought a Leica because I feel naked without one. Just habit really. All the other photos turned out just fine.


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