Wednesday, November 01, 2006

....After Midnight

Strange, the things we remember and the things we forget. This scan is off a small print taken about 1981 with my camera by one of the people who was at the Christmas party. I was hired to shoot dozens of photos of everybody there posing with Santa Claus. I remember the black wool suit which I'd purchased just a few months earlier, the one that all the women always referred to as "midnight blue", but I couldn't see it. To me it was "black".

The big mystery is the young lady. What was her name? Did she work for the client? Did she work for the public relations agency that hired me? Who was the client? Which agency? Phyllis Apple Associates? Hank Meyer Associates? Joan Spector Public Relations? Any one of half a dozen other agencies? All that I'm pretty sure about was the place, Aventura Country Club.

Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, those details about a long ago photograph will pop into my head for no good reason. Sometimes I'm driving down the street and see something that triggers the memory to emerge out of the murk. Sometimes it's just there when I wake up one morning. Well, three days have passed since deciding to post this photo and? Nothing! Yesterday I was driving down the street and suddenly thought of some names that could go with a photo I'd posted months ago. I suppose it's time to pull that back up from the archives, click on "edit", and add the information. Sometime in the future perhaps this young lady's name will get added here.


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