Friday, November 17, 2006

A Veteran Veteran ~ Dr. Stein at 103

Some people got it, some don't, it seems. Dr. Louis Stein served 27 years in the U.S. Army, surviving World War II. He carries a cane but walks like he really doesn't need one. Here he's at the City of North Miami's Veterans' Day celebration sitting front and center next to Councilman Scott Galvin who wasn't even born when most of Dr. Steins crowd was retiring. To Scott's right are Councilmen Michael Blynn and Jacques Despinosse. They all got up and spoke along with Mayor Kevin Burns, because that's what we pay them to do I suppose. Speak about what a great country we have, what a great city we enjoy, and introduce the various drill units, honor guards, marching bands, soloists singing patriotic songs, from the local schools.

Dr, Stein sat patiently through all the ceremonies, watching the activities, and applauding the kids as they did their things. I'm looking forward to photographing him again next year. And yes, I know what you're thinking! But I'm reminded of something I read years ago, about a reporter interviewing a 109 year old woman. He remarked that he hoped to see her at her 110th birthday celebration. She replied "Don't worry. I'll be there!" Stunned, he asked how she could be so positive about it. "Sonny" she replied, "did you ever read the statistics as to just how few people die at the age of 109?"

See you next year, Doc!


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