Saturday, January 13, 2007

...And Representing The North Pole Is Councilman Scott Galvin!

Another one of those Christmas themed luncheons that make December so exciting! This is the North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Miami Shores Country Club. Scott is sitting on my left wearing the Santa Clause hat.

I first met him about 18 years ago when he was the uppity 18 year old kid that had the nerve to file to run against an incumbant councilman, Bill Carr. There was something about Scott that impressed me at the time. Even though I knew Bill I went around telling people not to sell Scott short. He had what it takes, full of energy and ambition, and a good handle on the problems confronting the city. Bill, of course, was pissed that he'd have to mount a campaign instead of just getting re-elected unopposed.

I was running for another seat in the same election, but that's a story for another day. We both lost that one, but we realized that we both could have won if the city returned to district elections instead of the city wide at-large elections that had been adopted a dozen or so years earlier. We mounted a campaign to get it put on the ballot and the voters approved it. We went back to district elections.

Scott waited out a couple of election cycles, finished college, got a teaching job with the county school system, and decided it was time to run once more. This time he got elected. He's one of the best councilmen we've had in the nearly forty years that I've been involved in local politics.


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