Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things are SMOKING at Starbucks!

I've never been great with names but usually after I know folks for awhile they "stick", or at least they used to stick. Since developing epilepsy a few years ago my short term memory is fried. This doc says it's a result of having had the seizures while that doc says it's a side effect of the anti-seizure drugs, so whom to believe? Reminds me of a few years ago when the neurologist told me to make sure I didn't drive unless I was on the medication. My family doctor asked me how I'd gotten to his office a few weeks later. "I drove" I replied. He said that I shouldn't even consider driving on that medication. Yeah, right!

Anyway, I run into these three folks a few times a week at Starbucks. I think one of the guys name is Rudy, the other is Peter. Which one? I can't remember. Her name is Gloria. She always brings her cute little grey poodle with her, carrying him in her purse. I still can't remember the dog's name. Gloria rarely wears anything but long wrap skirts but she was wearing pants this chilly morning. She hails from northern Italy near the Swiss border and she has a very German sounding accent. One of the guys also has a German accent. He's from Austria. It's actually unusual for all three of them to be there at the same time, and rare enough to see any two of them together.


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