Sunday, January 14, 2007

Too Early To Make Any Adjustments

One evening every month I show up at the Board of Adjustment meeting in the North Miami City Council chambers and take the seat at the far right, just to the right of the woman's head in this photo. I always seem to get places early. It was about 6:15, the meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30, and it's unlikely for the full board to be seated before 6:35 at best, so I figured it was a good time to knock off a few frames with the 15mm lens before the meeting started and show what it looked like from the audience side of the dias. William Succup (center) got there about the same time I did. Then we waited. And waited. Bill ended up chairing the meeting because our chairwoman Carol Keys couldn't be there.

We listen to people explain (and whine and beg) why they want a zoning variance. They all claim that they need the variance, but some make sense and some don't. Once in awhile a neighbor or two shows up to protest the granting of the variance, and city staff comes up with their recomendation yeah or nay. Then we ask a few questions, have some discussion, and take a vote. They still have to go before the City Council for final aproval, and on rare occasions the council will aprove something we voted down.

To some extent I am getting bored with all these 15mm photos so I dug out my old 400mm lens. There might be some very different looking pix showing up here in the near future.


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