Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Seventh Heaven Eight Days A Week?

Well, not quite eight, but a bank that's open seven days a week is big news enough. Bank Atlantic was opening a brand new branch in North Miami a few weeks ago and hosted a grand opening party in combination with the Chamber of Commerce with lots of gourmet hors d'oerves, wine, Cokes, and fresh fruit platters. When Monkette read the invitation she just insisted that I had to take her. No arguing with a woman! No arguing with a toy monkey either. Women do whatever they damned please, and toy monkeys just plain won't listen. When you're dealing with a female toy monkey about all you can do is mutter "Yes Dear. Whatever you say, Dear", and you better keep a smile on your face while you're saying it.

Well, this was the first party that I've taken her to where they actually had fresh fruit. All her bitching had finally paid off. She was one happy little monkey as we walked from the truck to the bank building. There we were greeted by this smiling big red Seven in clown shoes. He begged to be allowed to have his picture taken with Monkette. She was eager to go inside and check out the fruit plates, but she relented. I suspect that she's always had a secret desire to be photographed with a big red Seven wearing clown shoes, and this just might be the one opportunity of a lifetime!

We went inside and she was in Seventh Heaven! Slices of fresh cantalope, honeydew mellon, water mellon, and pineapple! Berries of every sort! Several varieties of grapes! She never even noticed that there were no bananas.

She pigged out, chatted briefly with the mayor and a couple of the city councilmen, introduced herself to the head honchos from the bank, and left with a Goody Bag full of the usual junk, but she really liked the new mouse pad and she just loved the little monkey sized flashlight. When we got home I discovered a big bunch of grapes in the bottom of her goody bag. Typical monkey business...


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