Monday, September 10, 2007

...And Suddenly The Heavens Opened Up!

Summertime Miami weather. Suddenly a few scattered huge drops start falling out of what's damned near an otherwise clear sky. Within seconds you'll be drenched if you don't hurry inside someplace. Underneath isn't good enough. The sudden wind makes sure of that. You can't see clearly more than a few meters/yards away through the rain, and it's a lot darker than it was before. The first few minutes it's a very heavy intense rain, but then it moderates a bit as it turns into heavy drizzle and the wind dies away. The leading edge of the rain is always the heaviest, but the drizzle can last half an hour or more.

At least the lights stayed on inside of Starbucks. The AC too! A few of us rushed inside to chat or finish reading the paper, while others got in their cars and drove off. Nobody new showed up for maybe half an hour. By then the sky was blue once more and you could clearly see the park across the road.


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