Tuesday, September 04, 2007

To Hell With FP&L's Polecats ~ We Got The Weasels On Our Side

Fight fire with fire? Monkette is still working on a way to counter the magical powers of Aletha, the Evil Fairy. When Monkette realized that those 120 foot tall concrete poles were to be placed every fifty feet through North Miami's residential neighborhoods she enlisted some help from her friend Brad, the weasel.

Well, he's not really her FRIEND friend, but they are civil to one another and exchange a bit of neighborhood gossip from time to time, such as who's raising chickens along with their fresh eggs, or who might have a banana plant with a stalk laden with ripening fruit. It was Brad who discovered that the polecats were being used to mark out the fifty foot intervals with their pungent stench. Another name for polecat is skunk. Why would Aletha Player want to be working with a bunch of skunks? Your guess is as good as mine, but the situation sure stinks. More than likely, this being Miami-Dade County, it's simple greed.

Somebody is making money installing those poles, making those poles, stringing the wire on those poles, and the longer the route the more poles and the more wire. Ultimately it is the rate payers, FP&L's customers who'll pay for it all, but whose pockets are being filled with the money spent on all those extra poles and miles of wire? Think about it. Something stinks.


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