Sunday, September 02, 2007

FP&L Gives North Miami The Shaft ~ Thanks Aletha Player

Aletha Player, you and your FP&L cohort Michael Williams were mentioned again in this morning's Miami Herald Neighbors section. You guys were telling the residents of North Miami just how lucky we were to have your new transmission lines run right in front of our houses. As the article states, "80-foot concrete poles with six-foot-wide bases every 50 feet". With many of the lots being only 65 or 70 feet wide many of us will be blessed with two chances for a hurricane to crush our house, automobiles, and boats under a huge piles of concrete rubble.

Of more immediate concern is how you plan on putting six foot bases on three and one half foot sidewalks, or do you plan on taking up all the parking space on swales elsewhere on the route. We all know that concrete surfaces that large invite grafiti. The citizens shouldn't be expected to clean it up either.

The one thing you have done, though, Aletha Player and Michael Williams, is bringing the citizens of North Miami together in a united front. All over town people are showing their support with these yard signs, and now we have bus bench ads also. Even the travails of the Munisport fiasco, or the campaign to go to district elections, failed to do that. Your giving the citizens of North Miami the shaft brings us much closer together. Thanks, Aletha and Michael.


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