Saturday, September 08, 2007

No Horsing Around ~ This Is Official Business

I see this little strip center every day when I drive by it on my way to Starbucks. I see it across the intersection when I'm sitting at Starbucks. Not all that many years ago there were a couple of horses grazing on the property, which is on the north side of Arch Creek, and another few grazing on the south side of the creek. The south side was turned into a strip mall several years earlier than the north side. By grazing a horse or two on the property the owners could claim "agricultural use" of the otherwise vacant land, and sneak by with the lowest possible property tax rate. A few retired horses grazing on the grass and drinking from the creek require little attention, while keeping the grass "mowed', and it's a lot less effort than growng vegetables would entail.

Almost overnight it seemed, this parcel located on the southwest corner of U.S. 1 and N.E.135th Street sprouted a little row of shops. I kept meaning to check out the dry cleaners and the pizza place, but frankly the place is a royal pain to get into or out of if you're driving in certain directions. Very poor planning! It's a wonder there aren't more accidents there. There should be a "No Left Turn" sign at the 135th St. exit along with one on west bound 135th Street to keep you from crossing a couple of lanes of traffic getting into the place. U.S. 1 has a concrete barrier for that purpose, but it's a federal highway. 135th street is a state road with different rules, and the city can't do it without the state's permission.

One morning I noticed this sign. They were applying for a variance to do something, probably put up a sign that doesn't exactly meet code. I'll worry about that when I get the agenda packet for the next Board of Adjustment meeting. I'm on the board. In the meantime I just thought it'd be neat to have a photo of me with the sign. At least I didn't have to drive clear across town to check out this piece of property. The dry cleaner has very reasonable prices, the pizza was delicious, but I do miss seeing the horses there.


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