Wednesday, September 05, 2007

FP&L's Solution?

Toy monkeys, it seems, have quite the network of computer jocks zipping Emails all over the planet. This morning Monkette received this photograph from a friend in the San Diego, CA area, where they were making one continuous pour of concrete over a time span of maybe ten hours or so for the foundation of a mega hi-rise. That convoy of concrete trucks just kept arriving, pouring, and going back for another load after another load.

Then she heard from a friend connected with the contractor responsible for putting in the underground electric wiring before the concrete was poured. I suppose that rumors flit about within various industries as well as communities. One person was speculating whether or not the poles need to be measured from "the crown of the road" like we do with fence heights. Then somebody else chimed in with "Oh no! you measure from the base of the pole!"

That of course brought up the idea of covering the yards and houses on both sides of the streets along the proposed route with forty feet of concrete! Then the forty foot tall poles that the city prefers would be what FP&L desires, eighty feet above the ground.

Oh well, I don't know just how reliable a source of information a bunch of toy animals might be. They could just surprise us, though.


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