Friday, September 07, 2007

Requiem For A Modem

One morning I turned on the computer but it just refused, flat out REFUSED, to make the effort to connect to the internet. I tried the traditional South Florida remedies, things like chanting, burning candles, burning incense, that sort of thing, but I drew the line at sacrificing a goat. Not that the neighbors would mind. The only thing that might get them a bit riled up would be if I didn't invite them to the Sunday afternoon goat roast.

However, cooler heads prevailed and several of my more agnostic friends suggested that it was very likely a problem with the modem. I hope that the goat thanked them.

Time for a trip to the computer repair shop. Here I am with my computer waiting for the clerk to write up the repair ticket. I managed to survive without the thing for a couple of days, using the one at the Chamber of Commerce a couple of times to check my email. When I picked up the computer and brought it home again it worked perfectly once more, but now it was silent. The old modem made soft beepy sounds as it dialed, but at least I could tell it was connecting, even from the next room. Now I have to keep glancing over at the screen. That's progress, I suppose.


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