Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's Score, Babe

Jackie Foy was always coming up with ideas that were sure-fire going to make us rich. Score was one of them. It consisted of a plastic paddle, a pair of notebook paper rings, and maybe a dozen flip cards printed on both sides so you could rapidly switch from one message to the next. You find yourself stuck in traffic at a stop light and the blonde in the car next to you gives you a shy smile? Pick up your Score paddle and flash "Want To Fool Around?". She picks up hers and ....(probably tells you to bug off!)

But in the era that preceded cell phones, yet everyone had their windows rolled up because they had that new-fangled air conditoning in their cars, it seemed like the idea had possibilities. I ended up with enough of them to take care of my Christmas gift list plus a nice check for the shoot. Jackie, whose real job was art director for the in house advertising department at a large computer company, hired a couple of professional models, picked out the wardrobe, and I shot it with a Hasselblad at my friend Sam King's studio. Like so many people, eventually we lost track of one another. For a few months I made a valiant effort to give my Score paddle a good field test. I got a few good laughs out of the ladies, but I can't say that I ever did "Score" by using it.

One of the places the photo appeared was the June 1979 edition of Gallery magazine, which I seem to recall tried to follow the Hugh Hefner formula of mixing articles by name writers with portfolios of scantily clad sexy young women. Hey, why not? It worked for Playboy!


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