Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gotta Love Those Redheads In Red Dresses!

Here's another photo from that Bank Atlantic grand opening party a couple of weeks ago. While Monkette was pigging out by the fresh fruit platter I took the opportunity to flirt with some of the ladies. I've always had "a thing" for red heads and we chatted for awhile. I assume I'll run into her again next week at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon and then I can tell her that she's now become world famous...LOL

Every once in awhile I'll Google my name just to see what comes up. The more traffic a site gets the higher Google puts it in the list. It gives me an idea of what subjects are getting the most viewers. It appears that this link to Yahoo in Malaysia has been seeing a lot of action lately. For the next week or so at least, whenever a stray viewer from Yahoo in Malaysia gets to clicking over to my blog, they're likely to scroll down a bit and find this photograph. After a week or two you'd have to scroll down a lot!
...where Jennifer D. writes "Look at this photographer called Al Kaplan. He has been doing self portraits and runs a web blog. He holds the camera at arms length. With practice you can do it too. Otherwise set it on timer. Notice how Al Kaplan positions himself in the corner of the frame and notice which arm he is using to get his image."

Which I suppose makes her world famous! Gotta love those red heads. Even better when they wear red dresses!


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