Friday, September 21, 2007

Girls In Tight Jeans

This was some kind of "Meet The Author" thing at the North Mami Library a couple of weeks back, and the young ladies were handling the sign-in table. As usual, I was there early. It seems like I'm always early.

What intrigues me about this photograph is the composition, the seemingly posed look of everybody while at the same time really "catching the moment". Obviously I'm posed, choosing an expression to suit the mood (or my mood?). The camera is held out there at arms length so I have little inkling of what's in the picture area, and the girls are out of my sight, behind me. Strangely, I seem to get a higher percentage of interesting photographs shooting blind like this than I manage to get when I'm carefully composing through the viewfinder.

It was an interesting talk about old Florida, the places that once were, what they were like, and which few of them still survive. Places like the Ochopee Post Office There was a lot of audience participation, which made it all the more interesting.


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