Monday, September 07, 2009

Campaign Slush Fund? Or Salvation For North Miami City Hall?

Monkette is revealing her evil ways, trying to run a stealth political campaign to get me elected to the North Miami City Council, and the election is still twenty months away. She dug out some twenty year old campaign buttons of mine, from the last time I ran. It would have been nice if she'd at least consulted with me first. I know that I've been joking about it, but today there was a comment on thepriceofsilver from somebody who had dug out their old Al Kaplan T-shirt already. Then Monkette reminded me that Bonnie had already said that she'd pay for new T-shirts for my campaign.

It's gotten to the point where folks I don't even know walk up to me with everything to a casual "How's the campaign shaping up?" to a sincere "I'm with you man! Just tell me what you need. Anything I can do to help, just let me know!" And then there's the guy who wants to do all the graphic design work, even create a new type face for the project, no charge.

Well folks, I'd guess that it's way too soon to be able to file the papers to run for the seat or to open a campaign account, but Monkette wants to start compiling a list of folks who want to donate goods or services, or pledges for campaign contributions. "Don't be shy" she said. "Stand up and be counted! And be generous with your contributions!"


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