Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is That Clark Kent Walking Towards The Phone Booth?

When I was a kid the ten cent comic book ruled! Our parents would have preferred that we read "real" books but at least we were reading. Dick Tracey was supposedly the greatest detective ever, and he had something that seemed really amazing back then: the two-way wrist radio! It was barely bigger than a wrist watch and he could talk to police headquarters with it! He didn't need to find a pay phone or walk around with a pocket full of change.

Another favorite comic book was about Superman, the Man of Steel. He wore a cape and he could fly. I'm sure that I'm wasn't the only kid who made himself a cape out of an old towel and wondered why he couldn't fly! Superman's day job was being a reporter at the Daily Planet newspaper. Whenever the situation requires Superman he'd duck into a nearby phone booth, and stripping off his suit and tie he'd reveal the Superman outfit underneath. The comic books never told us why his suits and ties never got stolen!

The photo was taken near the wharf in Provincetown in 1962. The kids were just hanging out. It was a great place to meet chicks!

Now we have cell phones the size of wrist radios, and phone booths are pretty much a thing of the past. Two more childhood heros displaced by modern technology. But we have new ways to meet chicks!

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